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We offer various different types of rides and lessons for people of all ages and abilities. We schedule various sessions throughot the year so this page is updated and changed regularly. 

🐎 Lessons 🐎

We offer lessons in our 20m x 40m outdoor, rubber schooling field. We teach people the basics of how to ride properly, such as holding the reins correctly and how to take an appropriate stance, and sit in the saddle in a way that is comfortable for both the rider and horse. We can teach riders how to walk, trot and canter in a fun and safe manner. Sometimes in the Spring and Summer, when the weather (and ergo the ground conditions) is suitable, we are sometimes able to take lessons down in our jumping field.

🌳 Hacks 🌲

We can ride out in various locations, We will either venture down the Chalkhouse Green Lane, which includes miles of various different routes featuring various woodland and field bridleways, or we will go 'over the road', by safely crossing the Peppard Road, venturing through some of the local housing estate, and then into a more fun and natural place like Clayfield Copse. 

🐴 About Pony Days 🐴

A pony day is for riders of any ability. Each child is allocated a suitable pony and they start by being taught the basics of pony care and are assisted in grooming and tacking up. Afterwards, we give them a lesson in our schooling field, followed by a relaxed walk/hack. When we get back to the yard, we will have a break (please bring a snack), and then we will continue with various yard tasks. This might include:

  • picking out the horses feet again;
  • plaiting manes / tails;
  • cleaning / maintaining tack;
  • refilling water buckets;
  • pulling harmful ragwort; or
  • experiencing the joys of cleaning up behind the ponies! 💩

Activities will vary greatly on the day depending on the age and ability of the participants, the weather conditions, the time of year, etc. The list of potential tasks goes on! Finally, we will turn the ponies out in their fields before saying goodbye.

📞 Contact Us To Book! 📞

If you are interested in horse riding with us, please check out our prices and get in touch to see what we can offer you. 

Please talk to us on 07410914010 to express an interest in or book onto any of these sessions.

Please be aware that we do not check social media regularly and so will not receive/respond to enquiries/messages through Facebook/Messenger, Instagram or Twitter.

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