Meet the Staff


Karen is one of the owners of the stables. She has ridden at the yard since she was 8 which is many years! This is Karen on Gayday from the 80's!



Natalie is one of the co-owners of Palmers, who has always had a soft spot for Jade “the best horse in the yard”. She spent most of her childhood with her arm down the drain, but the muck never helped her grow much!


Ellen works for us full-time, giving lessons and taking out rides in the week and on a Sunday. She is studying for her BHS Stages Exams.

She owns her own horse, Jack, a lovely five year old cob. This is a photo of her on Poppy.


Carol has been a customer, helper, staff and livery at Palmers since the 60's!

She learned to ride on a piebald pony called Pickles. This photo is of her on her previous horse, Dipsy. She now owns Earl, which she bought from us.


Caroline has been teaching at Palmers since her teenage years.

She owns beautiful Beau. This photo is of her with her previous horse, Pepsi.



Rhiannon works for us on a Sunday. She likes to ride Leia. When she isn't working for us, she is often helping to look after a few of the liveries, especially Archie and Rocky.

She is also frequently seen helping with the Suffolk Punch Horses at the farm at the end of the lane.



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