Our Horses


Leia is a little bay mare who joined us at the beginning of 2016. She is currently continuing her education with staff but should make a lovely addition to the stables.









Wonky is a very sweet-natured mare who enjoys going on rides and taking part in more advanced lessons.

Birth year - 2009







Blue is a very cheeky Welsh Pony who does enjoy an occasional snack in a bush when going for walks! He is the half brother of Playboy.

Birth year - 1993




Charlie is a 14hh chestnut pony who loves going out for hacks.

Birth year - 1999








Dream is a Welsh Section D Cob who rides with his tongue sticking out!

Birth year - 2001







Elvis is a 16.3hh Thoroughbred. He is mostly used as an escort horse and a mount for more experienced riders.

Birth year - 2002






George is a Fell pony who used to belong to the Queen!

Birth year - 1998






Glory is a fabulous little pony who loves to jump!

Birth year - 2002






Indy is one of our escort horses and is also ridden by more advanced clients. She competes locally in dressage and showjumping.

Birth year - 2005





Jade is a 15.2hh Irish Sport Horse who is a great all rounder.

Birth year - 1997






Jamie is great fun for more experienced children to ride and likes to jump, but also enjoys teaching beginners.

Birth year - 1999




Keeta is a 11.1hh pony. She is mostly used as a lead rein pony for beginners. She is best friends with Mouse.

Birth year - 2004







Mouse is a speedy pony who loves jumping, but also takes care of less experienced riders.

Birth year - 1999







Poppy is a 15hh skewbald who enjoys jumping but is also great for going out for walks.

Birth year - 2007







Rodney is an Irish Draught horse and is our gentle giant! He is very friendly and tends to take our bigger customers.

Birth year - 2005





Solo is one of our beginners ponies and has been helping children to learn how to ride for well over a decade!

Birth year - 1990




 Chocolate is a cheeky Welsh pony who enjoys going on hacks and having fun in the school.

Birth year - 2008







 Apache is a sweet pony who has quite unusual colouring. His best friend is a little black pony called Murphy.

Birth year - 2008





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